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POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE !!! Spring Craft Morristown. March 27th, 28th and 29th, 2020. Morristown's National Guard Armory, 430 Western Ave.

Craft New York - Reschedules to September 26th & 27th, 2020,  Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center, NYC

Holiday Craft Morristown, December 11, 12 and 13, 2020. National Guard Armory, 430 Western Ave


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My Background

Started cooking in HS. Spent nearly 50 years..., then finally retired. With little to do in retirement, I had to be creative and invent my new future. One that might include a little income. 

Metal work, in various arts,  appealed to  me. I started transferring images to copper sheets, then some electroplating was added and the results were quite impressive. But I didn't see it turning into income and so my search continued. Then I saw a picture of a twisted wire tree. That was it. I started twisting like a maniac. Couldn't stop. But after about 50 trees I needed more and then realized I could combine some other metal work with the trees, and "scenes" were born. 


My Medium

I use three or four sizes of copper wire plus, again, various thicknesses of copper sheet.  Originally my mounting medium was found in old creek beds. Interesting rocks were polished up and dated by a local geologist as being a billion years old. They were wonderful but the supply dried up. Then, stumbling around my own shop I came across a granite remnant of my new kitchen counter top. That was the answer. I found a number of sources for the remnants. The results are great! Wire tree scenes, Tree Sculptures, Wire Trees Sculptures and Bonsai style trees.

...from the past, an old tool shed with garden tools center the scene.

My Inspiration

The inspiration was the fun in coming up with the scenes and creating the characters. The scenes themselves are simply from the past. An old tool shed was forever there in my grandmother's garden. Barbecue scenes, Adirondack chairs under the trees, fishing camps, woodsy scenes,...all common scenes. But just a little pleasure to fix up.

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